Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Technology Terms of the Week

                     Technology Terms/Sites of the Week

 Week of 10/28/13 – 11/01/13
Term, Site or Blog name
Why It’s Useful
China’s version of Google.com
Search the web using Chinese keywords
China’s version of Facebook
Building a friend or business network in China
China’s version of Amazon
2nd biggest consumer market in the world
China’s version of Ebay
2nd biggest consumer market in the world
Google tracks the number of keyword searches as a measure of popularity or interest
find out about the hottest trending searches on Google right NOW!
Google Chrome Web Store
Free web apps site for Chrome browser
Where you can get free apps useful only with the Google Chrome browser

Week of 11/04/13 – 11/08/13
Term, Site or Blog name
Why It’s Useful
Google’s web browser
Most popular browser
Internet Explorer (IE)
Microsoft’s web browser
2nd most popular browser
Mozilla’s web browser
3rd most popular browser – well-liked by html programmers
Search engine
Developed by Yahoo and mastered by Google as a means of finding info on the web
You can search for sites, articles, videos on the web using keyword
Google, Yahoo, and Bing
Top 3 search engines
You want to search for keywords with the most active and powerful algorithms

Week of 11/11/13 – 11/15/13

Term, Site or Blog name
Why It’s Useful
Google Maps
Google’s virtually worldwide online atlas for drivers, bikers and pedestrians
Get driving directions from points A to B, with real-time traffic updates, topography and street views
A useful site for converting uppercase to lowercase text – but these functions are also available on Word and Excel
If you ever have to convert uppercase text to lowercase or vice versa, then this site is for you!
Get expert and community advice on raising children – health issues, cost calculators, fertility, and parental topics of concern
How much does it cost to raise a child in CT ages 0-18? With or w/o college?

Week of 11/25/13 – 11/29/13
Term, Site or Blog name
Why It’s Useful
Cyber Monday
The first Monday following Thanksgiving Day Weekend
Typically when online retailers offer incredible discount deals to start off the holiday buying season
Black Friday
The day following Thanksgiving, when brick and mortar stores offer huge sales to kick off holiday buying season
40% of sales traditionally occur during the last 40 days of the year – this day used to represent the day when retail businesses first turned a profit for the year, but it is losing importance as shoppers are moving online and look for bargains now throughout the year
Brick and mortar stores
Refers to traditional stores in malls or with physical presence on streets – as opposed to online shopping via web sites.  Which are the biggest online retail web sites?
While brick and mortar stores are losing out to online shopping opportunities, they still represent the majority of total sales by far.  Why is that?
Future Value formula (FV)
The mathematical foundation of compounded or exponential investment growth.  FV= PV x (1+ r)^t
where FV stands for future value, PV stands for present value (the starting value of an investment), r is the average or assumed growth rate of the investment, and t is the number of periods (usually years) that the investment is compounding for
Used to project the value of an investment into the future, assuming a constant or average growth rate over “t” number of periods (usually years).  All individuals should take advantage of the exponential growth of their money in qualified retirement plans like Roth IRAs and 401Ks. 

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