Quarter 4
Saving files to and creating folders and subfolders on Google Drive - Create at least 3 subfolders under one main folder onto your Google Drive. Your Documents folder must include a Jobs subfolder in which you will save a sample Resume.doc and a CoverLetter.doc This assignment is due on 05/02/14.

Use to transform a portrait or landscape image and to create a collage 
This assignment is due on 05/07/14.

Internet Research Detective Q4A-  Can you answer these 15 trivia-fact-set questions in record time?  This assignment is due on 05/09/14.

Quarter 3
Health Sciences Resume and Cover Letter Writing Exercise - Using MS Word templates, we will create and design a marketable resume and write an effective cover letter for a hypothetical candidate in the health sciences or sports medicine field.  This assignment is due on 02/07/14.

Create a logo, business card and a flyer for your business - Using MS Publisher templates together with Excel and Powerpoint, we can design effective marketing materials for business.  This assignment is due on 02/28/14.

Give a presentation on how to use social media web sites to promote your business- Copy and paste the logo and slogan from your business card into a Powerpoint and tell us about your business and how you will integrate 2 social media sites into your marketing stragetgy.  This assignment is due on 03/19/14.

Create your own blog!  Blog about a topic that you're passionate about or what your area of expertise. Follow these guidelines to create your own interactive web site.  This assignment is due on 04/25/14.

Quarter 2
Internet Research Detective Mission 1 (IRDM1)-  Cost or Raising a Child, 5 Hottest Google Searches, and Recommend a Google App.  This assignment is due on 11/08/13.
Internet Research Detective Mission 2 (IRDM2)-  Use Google Maps to get directions to the Hyde School, then send a friend an e-mail with a hyperlink to that Google Maps directions page.  This assignment is due on 11/12/13.
Internet Research Detective Mission 3 (IRDM3)- Convert text from UPPERCASE to lowercase and then from lowercase to UPPERCASE using either the Microsoft Word Aa icon or visit  This assignment is due on 11/15/13.

Internet Research Detective Mission 4 (IRDM4)Your mission is to research the growing importance of online retail sales vs. traditional brick and mortar sales.  This assignment is due on 12/13/13.

Excel Max Rent Exercise - calculate how much you should be spending on rent/mortgage, then use to find 3 places you would consider living in the U.S.  This assignment is due on 11/22/13.
Excel Math Steps and Date & TimeExercise - become familiar with how to input basic math functions in Excel.  Can you input a starting number, which after following 10 mathematical steps, you end up with the same number?  In the Date & Time part of the exercise, you will learn how to use the NOW and TODAY function to calculate the exact time of day, as well as to calculate the difference in length between 2 dates.   This assignment is due on 11/29/13.

Excel Penny & Flag Art Exercise – King Coppernium wants to reward you for your valiant service and offers a choice: you can either get $1mil up front at the start of May or wait for a penny to double each day and get the resulting sum at the end of the month.  Which would you choose?  For the Flag Art exercise, design a new flag using the powerful graphic design functions of Excel.  This assignment is due on 11/29/13.

Excel FV (Future Value) - Compunding RevistedIn the Penny Puzzle exercise, we saw how a penny that doubles each day for a month can amount to some serious cash.   Did you know that there's a formula that investors use to calculate the future value of an investment that grows at a continual rate?  It's called (not surprisingly), the Future Value formula, or FVThis assignment is due on 12/13/13.

Excel 4 Formulas You Should Know - % Change, % Markup, % Discount, FV and PV. This assignment is due on 12/13/13. 

Excel Final Project - What Am I Eating?    Ever wonder how much fat is contained in the food that you eat?  There are some pretty neat calculators that we can access online to help us track the nutrition and not so nutritious contents of a whole host of foods that we eat.  This assignment is due on 01/03/14. 

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