Wednesday, February 5, 2014

MS Publisher: Create a logo, slogan, business card and flyer for a health services company

In this exercise, we will create an original logo, slogan, business card and flyer for a hypothetical company in the healthcare field.  The logo and slogan can be used at the top of a web site (the header) or even on company stationary such as a business card or letterhead.  

If you're a bit unclear as to what a logo, slogan and header is you can always use Google Search and Wikipedia for definitions and additional examples to the ones we covered in class.  There are also plenty of web sites devoted to creating logos, slogans and headers online.

Step 1  Go to Google Images and search for sample logos and headers from the healthcare industry.  For instance, you can key in "Physical therapy logos" , "Health services headers", "Dentist clinic web sites" or "pharmaceutical company logos" to find some sample pics.  For slogans, you can do a keyword search on "Healthcare slogans" or "healthcare slogan examples" as an example.  

Your objective is to select at least 3 logos, at least 2 of which must have a slogan and 1 header that appeal to you because they are catchy and well-designed (artistic, creative, good color arrangement, etc.).    

For a list of slogans from companies that you may have heard of, click on this link.

Once you've found a few that you like, use Nimbus Screenshot app (which you can download for free from the Google Web App Store), to copy and paste your favorite 3 samples into a new (blank) page in MS Publisher.  As you copy your samples, record the pixel length and width on a piece of paper.  Also, write down the slogan.  Beneath each sample that you paste into Publisher, type the pixel dimensions in a text box.  Insert an arrow to point to the slogan if there is one.

Another Google App that you can use to measure pixel dimensions for any image on the web is MeasureIt!  Unlike Nimbus Screenshot, however, MeasureIt! is only useful for measuring dimensions of images - it doesn't capture, edit or archive them as Nimbus Screenshot does. 

Step 2  Now it's your turn to be creative.  Design your own logo, slogan and header for a health services company.  Be innovative.  Use MS Excel and Publisher together with Nimbus Screenshot (to import a background photo/pic).  Try to come up with an original and catchy slogan. 

 Here is the link for the web site from which this sample header was taken. 

Step 3  Now that you've created your own logo, you can easily copy and insert it into business stationary using MS Publisher. Create a business card using Publisher's templates, inserting your logo strategically on the business card.

Keep in mind when designing your own business card, that style has a lot to say about the type of business that you're in.  You don't want to get too flashy if you're an accountant, lawyer or physician.  But if you're into something artsy or if you're in a technologically innovative industry (like Google, Yahoo, or web design), then it's a great idea to flash your artistry - with a cool logo and vibrant colors.

Here are a few examples of effective business cards:


 Step 4  Finally, using Publisher's templates, create a flyer for your business that will promote a sales event, new opening or other company news announcement - remember to place your logo and slogan in the header section of the flyer. 

Here are some examples of effective business flyers:

    Remember that an effective flyer has the following components:
  • Logo with slogan or tagline
  • Contact info (address, phone, e-mail, web URL)
  • Date and time of a promotional event
  • Nice design, layout and color theme
  • Relevant pictures
  • Effective and appropriate font styles and font sizes
  • Coupons if needed
      Can YOU design a winning flyer for YOUR company?

    Winners of this exercise will get bonus points.


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